26/11/2019 PRESS RELEASE: Nature's Winter at Windermere Jetty


New immersive installation explores nature and weather

Windermere Jetty launches a new exhibition inspired by the weather and our surroundings.

This exciting and immersive installation explores nature and weather through a sensory experience of light, sound and story.

Nature's Winter runs 29 November to 1 March 2020 and is designed to encourage people to slow down and enjoy the finer details of the natural world around them.

Nature’s Winter has been designed specifically with families and children in mind. 

Visitors will see a specially designed active art installation where they are able to compose, write, draw and make, in response to the weather over Windermere. 

They will even be invited to play with light to make their own rainbows, peer through periscopes, join in weather storytelling sessions in the cosy story pod, while also building their own landscapes.

There will be a programme of participatory activities with the themes of festive weather, rain, a burst of colour and growing. Visitors will be able to make paper vines and flowers while adding different ribbons of colour to an umbrella.

Nature’s Winter has been created in partnership with Small Things Creative Projects, an artist-led social enterprise that specialises in working in community spaces. 

Ian Read, Lakeland Arts’ Head of Participation & Learning said: “We are delighted to open this new exhibition which has been shaped by visitors over the last month.

“We held workshops during the October half-term and it was fantastic that so many families took part with their thoughts and experiences about the weather that have now been incorporated into Nature’s Winter.

“We are delighted to be working with Small Things Creative Projects. The exhibition celebrates the stories that we have been told and invites visitors to explore the museum and surrounding environment in a new way.”
Liz Postlethwaite, Small Things Creative Projects Creative Director, said: “Weather is something which we all experience, wherever we live or come from. It is something which is universal, but which we experience in uniquely personal ways. 

“It has been a real privilege to explore this subject in such a stunning location working in partnership with museum visitors over recent months who have been sharing their own weather-inspired stories. 

“The space we have created showcases these stories, while also inviting children and families to take this aspect of the natural world as inspiration to play and create at the heart of the museum.”

More details: https://windermerejetty.org/items/natures-winter/


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