Schools at Abbot Hall Art Gallery

School sessions

We offer a range of facilitated sessions to help pupils to get the most out of a visit. Workshops to support the development of knowledge and understanding to chronology, historical enquiry and interpretation, local history and how it links to broader national themes, art, geography, maths.

Be the Historian

Timings: 1.5 hours

Be the historian and investigate art, historic objects, archival documents, and the museum buildings to understand the history and chronological narrative that is represented by the art in the gallery.  Pupils will learn what art and objects tell us about history, how they are used and researched and the language and terminology of the art historian.  They will also gain historical perspective through understanding the connections between local, regional, national and international history and gain an understanding of abstract terms such as empire, civilization, parliament and peasantry.  Finally, pupils will understand the methods of historical enquiry deployed in museums and discern how and why contrasting opinions and interpretations of the past have been constructed.


KS1 and 2
Timings: 1.5 hours

What is a portrait? What can they tell us about a person and why do we have them? Investigate clues to discover the people behind the portraits at Abbot Hall Art Gallery. Pupils will develop their observation, analysis, speaking and listening skills in this interactive workshop.


KS1 and 2
Timings: 1.5 hours

Discover the tradition of landscape art within a region that has inspired artists for centuries. In this interactive workshop, children will explore a variety of scenes and scenery, as well as shape and colour, to build on this tradition.

Lady Anne Clifford

KS1 and 2
Timings: 1.5 hours

Discover the life and times of Lady Anne Clifford through a monumental and revealing portrait from 1646. Children will explore why portraits are created and have a go at creating their own likeness as they explore the story of a woman who lived through the end of the Tudor dynasty, Civil War, Commonwealth and Restoration.

The Creative Process

Timings: 1.5 hours

Be inspired by the unique environment of Abbot Hall and it’s collection of historic and contemporary art. Children will learn to make their own sketchbook to capture ideas and designs as they explore, investigate and experiment. This interactive workshop will help children become more independent and confident artists and learners.


Half day £4 per pupil
Full day £6 per pupil

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Learning programme supported by:

Cumbria County Council