School workshop at Blackwell House

Schools at Blackwell, The Arts & Crafts House

'This day added a unique richness to our curriculum. The group leaders from Blackwell House asked probing questions that encouraged the children to think much more deeply and look for bigger connections holding all these topics together.'
Peter Harrison, Head Teacher, St Cuthbert's Catholic Primary School

About Blackwell, The Arts & Crafts House

Blackwell is a stunning example of an Arts and Crafts house overlooking Windermere in the heart of the Lake District. Learn about the people who created the house and those that made it their holiday home in the early 1900s. Explore design elements from the Arts and Crafts movement through the architecture, decoration and furnishings. With period dress-up costume, learning interactives and plenty of opportunities for pupils to be inspired and get creative.

Price of School Sessions

  • Half day (2 hour workshops) £5.50 per pupil
  • Full day (4 hour workshops) £7 per pupil
  • Self-guided (regular opening hours) £3

How to Book

  • All visits must be arranged three weeks in advance by sending a Booking Form to
  • Teachers are encouraged to visit our venues free of charge to prepare for group visits and get inspired.
  • Max 30 pupils

Select from our Range of Facilitated School Sessions:

Patterns from Nature Printmaking Workshop
Suitable for: KS2
Time: 10.30am - 2.30pm
Explore pattern and symmetry through design. Pupils will create a sketchbook, use geometric shapes to draw complex design motifs in observational drawing, and work in groups to create block-printed wallpaper. Pupils will earn an Arts Award Discover by participating in this full-day workshop.

Pre-Visit resources:

  • Teacher Notes
  • Symmetry Activity Sheet
  • Key Themes of Arts & Crafts Info Sheet