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In the Moment is Lakeland Arts’ programme of activity for people living with dementia. Supported by Cumbria County Council, Equal Arts and the Alzheimer’s Society, the programme includes a range of regular group activities, fundraising and family events, an annual exhibition and a summer project. All events take place in and around Kendal and Windermere in Cumbria.

In the Moment, Kendal

Weekly art and poetry sessions for people living with dementia and their carers. Sessions inspire creativity, stimulate conversation and generate moments of pleasure. Using a range of art materials and inspired by Abbot Hall’s exhibitions and collections, these sessions provide opportunities to learn new skills, to express feelings and be imaginative.

When and where?
First Tuesday of the month, 2 - 4pm, Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Kendal
First three Fridays of the month, 1:30 – 4pm, Unit 31, The Factory, Kendal (over the river from Abbot Hall Art Gallery)

In the Moment is now an established part of Kendal’s provision for people living with dementia. It has been described as ‘respite without separation’ by people living with dementia and their carers. Participants regularly reflect on the positive and long term benefits of the creative experiences and friendship that In the Moment facilitates.

Every week, we ‘harvest’ conversations which allow us to capture how people respond to the activity. A recent session resulted in a small poem which participants love to read aloud. Our word harvests help us to open and close our moments together. Everyone’s words and thoughts are valued and celebrated.

It’s not just here on a Friday.
It’s how that changes every day.
I’m looking at things, noticing things.
You see everything differently.
It awakens the senses.
It’s so important it makes me want to cry.
We don’t do enough in life of exploring and enjoying beauty.
Weeds and wild flowers,
even a dandelion,

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Learning programme supported by:

Cumbria County Council