Schools at Museum of Lakeland Life & Industry

School sessions

We offer a range of facilitated sessions to help pupils to get the most out of a visit. Workshops to support the development of knowledge and understanding to chronology, historical enquiry and interpretation, local history and how it links to broader national themes, art, geography, mathematics.

Toys of the Past

Early Years and KS 1
Timings: 1.5 hours

In this multi-sensory session, pupils explore how children played in the past and compare modern day toys to those played with by their grandparents. Pupils have the opportunity to play traditional games in replica Victorian costume and make their own peg doll.

Homes of the Past   

KS 1 and 2
Timings: 1.5 hours

Children can step back in time to atmospheric eighteenth and nineteenth century rooms. There will be opportunity to handle objects from the museum collection and imagine what life and work was like in homes of the past.

Wool is my Bread

KS 1 and 2
Timings: 1.5 hours

Discover how the wool trade transformed Kendal and the Lakeland region. Workshops can include felt-making, spinning and weaving as well as exploration of a rich photo archive and handling original museum objects.

Industry and Work  

KS 1 and 2
Timings: 1.5 hours

Children will learn about the kinds of jobs people undertook in the Victorian times and early twentieth century. They will explore some of the industries that dominated this region and gain an insight into some of the differences between working conditions, wages and opportunities in the past and work today.


Half day £4 per pupil
Full day £6 per pupil

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Learning programme supported by:

Cumbria County Council