Schools at Museum of Lakeland Life & Industry

“Exploring the rooms helped the children to gain a picture of the past without mobile phones and televisions. The children couldn’t stop talking about their day and their parents are very keen to watch their films."
Andrea Day, Teacher, St Mary's Kirkby Kendal C of E Primary School (Story Seeker Session)

About the Museum of Lakeland Life & Industry

Step back in time and discover how the people of Cumbria lived, played and worked. This quirky, colourful collection brings local history to life through a wonderful mixture of exhibitions, period rooms and a chance to wander down the street scene to explore a historic pharmacy, printmakers and toy shop. Pupils learn about lost Lakeland trades and local figures including author Authur Ransome and photographer Joseph Hardman. With an interactive ‘curator’s office’ learning space and activity trails for self-led visits.

Price of School Sessions

  • Half day session (2 hours)    £4 per pupil
  • Full day session (10:30 – 2:30)    £150 max 30 pupils
  • Self-guided (regular opening hours) Free

How to Book

Select from our Range of Facilitated School Sessions:

(New sessions set to be added early 2019).

Toys of the Past
Suitable for: Early Years and KS 1
Length: 2 hours
In this multi-sensory session, pupils learn about changes in living memory by exploring how toys have changed over the last 100 years. By exploring historic rooms and costume, pupils can imagine life before plastic, batteries and electricity. Pupils will play traditional games in replica Victorian costume and make a toy to take away.


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Learning programme supported by:

Cumbria County Council