MV Jane, 1937

Builder Chris Craft, Florida, USA
Length 16’
Beam 5’ 8”
Hull Carvel Mahogany
Engine 6 cylinder Chris Craft, 95 bhp at 3600 rpm
Speed 35 mph

Jane is a small motorboat built in 1937 by the Chris Craft Corporation of Florida, USA. It has a two-seater forward cockpit fitted with red leatherette bench seating and has a varnished finish. Jane is fitted with a Chris Craft 95 horsepower 6 cylinder slide valve engine No. KA5775.

History and Ownership

MV Jane’s Chris Craft hull card dates the vessel to 1937. It was imported into Britain by Arthur Bray, the British Chris Craft concessionary. The vessel was exhibited at the 1938 Motorboat Show, where the owners said it had won the “Motorboat of the Year Award”. There is some mystery as to who the vessel’s first owner was, it has been suggested that the vessel was purchased at the show by Viscount Lascelles or his father Lord Harewood. Other sources claim it was acquired in the first instance by Major E H Pattinson, who managed to acquire the vessel soon after the show and brought it to Windermere.

Chris Crafts and similar vessels were popular on Windermere throughout the 1930s. During World War II many private vessels similar to Jane were commandeered by the Home Guard and repainted grey for antiaircraft patrols on the lake. At some stage the vessel was acquired by Viscount Cross who moved Jane nearer to his home in the South of England. In 1975 Cross began negotiations with George Pattinson, for transferring the vessel to his collection and returning it to Windermere. The vessel was displayed on the water and operated at the Museum for a number of years.

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