PRESS RELEASE: Last Mesmerising Month of Monet

6 April 2018

Last mesmerising month of Monet

“Remarkable reaction” to masterpiece at Abbot Hall

Abbot Hall is urging people to spend a moment with Monet - before it’s time to say au revoir.

Monet’s Haystacks: Snow Effect has wowed audiences in Kendal since January - but its last day on display is Saturday 28 April.

The painting, dated 1891, has been on loan from the National Gallery of Scotland. It will return north of the border at the end of the month.

Director of Lakeland Arts, Gordon Watson said: “Reaction from visitors to this painting has been remarkable. We’ve been delighted to bring such an important work to Cumbria and the feedback from audiences has been wonderful.

“It’s apt the painting has been on show during winter - the season when Monet created this masterpiece. At times the rich colours, texture and atmosphere of the painting have matched the landscape outside and audiences have reacted to that.

“Our visitors’ book has been full of emotional comments from people who have struck a bond with the painting. For an art gallery to get such a response to one work has been fantastic.

“It has also been very rewarding to engage with younger visitors who have enjoyed the spectacle of seeing a Monet so close to home.”

Comments from visitors include:

“Unforgettable experience. I could look at it forever.”

“My first Monet experience. I live in Kendal. It’s so good to have this on my doorstep.”

“The most amazing experience to view this beautiful painting in my home town. Thank-you so much.”

“To be able to appreciate it in such calm surroundings is wonderful. Up close the brushstrokes and colours are so vivid.”

“I moved forward and viewed the work from just a few inches away. The painting had me spellbound. After hours sitting with this painting I seem to be even more aware of the shifting pattern of colour and light in the sky. Thank-you Monet.”

“Our students were able to view and sketch the Haystacks uninterrupted and value the artwork while assisting their GCSE coursework. Very privileged. Thank-you.”

“In the presence of a master. I was quite nervy. But in a good way.”

“What a treat to see Monet’s work in such a peaceful setting and with chairs from which you can enjoy the experience.”

“I absolutely love art and this experience has made me love art even more.”

The display of Haystacks: Snow Effect followed other major historical works going on show at Abbot Hall in previous years including masterpieces by Canaletto, Rembrandt and Constable.

Following the departure of Monet, Abbot Hall’s summer show is Elisabeth Frink: Fragility and Power (22 June - 29 September). This exhibition will celebrate one of the most exciting British sculptors of the twentieth century.
Auguste Rodin: Rethinking the Fragment (10 August - 27 October) explores how the originator of modern sculpture was inspired by art of ancient Greece and Rome. See one Rodin’s best known works in this show - The Thinker.


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